karl bailey
A Stones Throw
Portsmouth is an island city, the second most densely populated outside of London. It is within the top 20% of most deprived authorities in the country despite being within one of the richest counties. 
‘A Stones Throw’ explores the impact on the city and its residents from 13 years of government austerity. It tells the stories from those who have been left behind by a system that privileges the few at the expense of the many. It is an invitation to reflect on the complex and often invisible social issues that affect working class communities whilst also embracing the unique identity of what it means to be ‘Pompey’. 

A Stones Throw is an ongoing project which started in 2022 in response to increasing narratives around the cost of living crisis, brexit and the ebb and flow of an island city with some alarming statistics. 
The photos I have made have been led by research and conversations I have had and continue to have.